Raising quality ADGA & MDGA Dairy Goats central Wisconsin

D Bar J Acres, home of quality, healthy, happy MDGA Mini Lamancha goats


                                             HAPPY SPRING!!!


    7/30/14    D Bar J Acres has been revamped and is now Hilly Haven Farm.  Please see our new website at www.hillyhavenfarm.com  for more info.  We have switched our breeding program to ADGA Lamancha Goats, ADGA Nigerian Dwarf goats, KuneKune pigs and Swedish Flower Hen chickens


We started our hobby farm in 1997 with a couple riding horses, located in central Wisconsin.  We raised miniature donkeys for a couple years and progressed to goats in 2004 with our first Nigerian Dwarfs

We have only purchased goats from "clean" farms that test for CAE and have no abcesses (CL) or Johnes.  We have tested our goats every year for CAE and have never had a positive.  We have never had an abcess of any kind in our herd and no symptoms of Johnes, we have blood tested for both a few times with negatives as well.  Our herd is also free of soremouth.  We have tested for CAE and CL in March 2014 and Johnes Oct 2013 and all are negative again!  Our cows are also Johnes negative.

Our Mini Mancha herd is progressing very nicely.  I'm very happy with what I'm seeing in conformation, temperament and milk quantity/quality.  Our girls are mid sized and produce an average of 3 qts per day of rich creamy milk.  They are a fun breed with lots of personality. 

We limit ourselves on the number of goats we keep and try to keep under 20 animals on our own farm so we can give each daily hands on time and keep them all healthy.  This usually includes three bucks, junior and senior does, during kidding of course, we have many more!  We have many colors, patterns and both brown and blue eyes.  We try to select animals with good milk production and easily milked udders.  We have participate in MDGA's V Show, which is a virtual online show. There just isn't enough minis in the Midwest for live shows.  We are aiming to be on DHIR in 2014.


 We enjoy helping people get started in goats or adding to their current herd.  We price our goats very fairly so that most any person can afford them.